Secrets for Making Pickled Vegetables Last Through Tet Without Going Sour

Do you want to make sure your pickles remain delicious and flavorful for the upcoming Tet celebrations? Learn how to preserve them the right way with these helpful tips!


During the Lunar New Year, it is common for households to have dishes such as pickled watermelon, pickled onions, pickled cucumbers, etc. These dishes are often eaten with dried shrimp or dipped in braised pork belly sauce, adding great flavor to a meal.

Pickled dish on Lunar New Year

However, these pickled dishes are prone to fermentation and can become too acidic to enjoy. Thankfully, there are some tips to help preserve pickled dishes for longer, so they can still be enjoyed during the Lunar New Year.

1. Store pickled dishes in glass or porcelain jars

Store pickled dishes in glass jars

Using glass or porcelain jars to preserve pickled dishes not only ensures their beauty and appeal, but also ensures safety and minimizes odors.

2. Store pickled dishes in the refrigerator

Store pickled dishes in the refrigerator

The best way to preserve pickled dishes for longer and prevent them from becoming too acidic is to store them in the refrigerator. The low temperature in the refrigerator helps limit the growth of bacteria and mold that can make the pickled dishes acidic. Before storing them in the refrigerator, it is recommended to drain some of the pickling liquid to slow down the fermentation process.

3. Use clean chopsticks or tongs to pick up the pickled dish

Use clean chopsticks or tongs to pick up the pickled dish

To maintain cleanliness and limit the presence of bacteria, it is recommended to use clean chopsticks or tongs when picking up the pickled dish. Using the same chopsticks used for eating can increase the acidity of the dish.

4. Do not pour leftover pickled dish back into the jar

Take just enough pickled dish for a meal

It is important to take just enough pickled dish for a meal and avoid pouring any leftover back into the jar. This helps prevent quick acidity and spoilage. Store any leftover separately to maintain the quality of the pickled dish.

With these tips, you can ensure the preservation of pickled dishes for the Lunar New Year and enjoy them for longer. Have a great Lunar New Year!