4 Quickest Cooking Hacks that 90% of Moms are Unaware Of

If you equip yourself with these helpful tips and tricks, you'll find culinary success in the kitchen will be within reach.


Efficient cooking is a skill that may come naturally to some individuals but can be quite challenging for others. Consequently, simplifying the cooking process is of utmost importance, particularly for mothers.

Therefore, we present you with a compilation of the most straightforward cooking tips on earth that are unknown to 90% of mothers. Be sure to add them to your list of kitchen tricks now!

1. Enhance the flavor of pasta by adding salt to the boiling water


In the process of boiling pasta, many individuals often overlook the addition of a small amount of salt (about 1-2 teaspoons) to the water. What they fail to realize is that the pasta does not absorb the entirety of the salt, with most of it remaining in the boiling water.

By adding salt to the boiling water, the surface of the pasta strands becomes rougher, preventing them from sticking together. Consequently, this significantly enhances the overall flavor of the dish.

2. Create a flavorful sauce by utilizing pasta water


Before discarding the pasta water, consider adding a cup of this broth to your pasta sauce.

Utilizing pasta water imparts an extra layer of flavor to your dish. This water contains a small percentage of starch, which can be utilized to adjust the thickness of the sauce. Hence, give this tip a try, and the results may be pleasantly surprising!

3. Utilize paper towel to store vegetables


Due to their high moisture absorption capabilities, paper towels serve as an indispensable “miracle” tool for preserving vegetables.

This is particularly useful for vegetables purchased outside the market that are often subjected to regular watering or vegetable varieties that prefer minimal water. Simply wrap the vegetables in a sheet of paper towel before placing them in the refrigerator.

4. Ensure neatly and evenly chopped onions by keeping them intact


Onions have a tendency to become disorganized when not handled carefully. To ensure evenly and neatly chopped onions, it is advisable to leave them intact. Start by cutting the onion bulb in half while keeping the root intact. Proceed by making horizontal cuts across the onion bulb to obtain perfectly chopped pieces.