5 Best Pesticide-Free Vegetables to Buy at the Market: Don’t Hesitate to Spend Money on These When Shopping

Don't ever overlook these types of vegetables that are less sprayed with pesticides for your health.


Here is how to identify 5 types of vegetables that are often sprayed with chemicals:

Leafy greens

According to the National Institute of Nutrition (Ministry of Health), leafy greens are a type of vegetables that attract many pests when grown in the soil. Therefore, gardeners often increase insecticide spraying, and fertilize with nitrogen-rich fertilizer before harvesting. When using leafy greens, the residue of fertilizers and pesticides is still high due to the lack of time for decomposition.

When you hold a fresh bundle of leafy greens, with vibrant green leaves, no signs of pests, and firm, plump stems that are uniformly distributed, it means that the greens are heavily fertilized with nitrate. You should avoid using this type of greens, especially when eating them raw.

Bitter melon

When buying bitter melons, it is best to look for small, slender fruits with many small veins on the surface. Bitter melons that are large, dark green, smooth, and swollen but shiny veins are a result of excessive use of chemicals for maintaining freshness. Therefore, when you go to the market, buy bitter melons that are not only safe but also good for your health.

Winged beans

Shiny, less hairy, long winged beans with clear segments are the result of excessive use of foliar fertilizer. If all the beans available for sale do not have any signs of pests, it indicates that they have been sprayed with insecticides before being brought to the market.


Basella is a wild-growing vegetable that is rarely sprayed with insecticides, making it extremely safe for consumption. Basella contains a high nutritional value, so it is very beneficial for your health if you consume it regularly. Furthermore, basella is rich in vitamins A, E, K, which helps your digestive system function smoothly and prevents many dangerous diseases. In addition, it also enhances your immune system.


Pennywort is a very good herb in Vietnamese traditional medicine. Pennywort has a cooling effect on the body, helps cleanse toxins, and improves liver health. Especially during hot summer days, pennywort helps cool down the body and prevents acne. Besides, pennywort helps improve digestion, prevents constipation, and is very effective in preventing hemorrhoids. Pennywort usually grows wild and is never sprayed with chemicals. Pennywort has strong vitality, so it can survive anywhere, making it very safe for health.