How does your body change after eating a sweet potato every morning for a month?

Sweet potatoes are a familiar food in Vietnam. If you regularly eat sweet potatoes in the morning, you will notice changes in your body.


Sweet potatoes are a nutritious root vegetable that is common in Vietnam. Many people now choose to eat sweet potatoes instead of rice to lose weight. Boiled sweet potatoes are also a popular dish. If you eat a sweet potato every morning, you will experience positive changes in your health, such as:

Boost Immune System

Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and vitamins. They are known to be good for people with flu during seasonal transitions. Sweet potatoes help boost immunity and fight oxidative stress due to their good nutritional content. Eating sweet potatoes regularly can help prevent viral and bacterial infections, especially during seasonal transitions. Having sweet potatoes for breakfast can provide you with a lot of nutrients and promote bowel movement to reduce hunger.

Regular consumption of boiled sweet potatoes can prevent digestive issues, enhance bowel movement, and promote smooth digestion. Some studies have also shown that sweet potatoes have many health benefits. Scientists have discovered that sweet potatoes contain adhesive protein, anthocyanin, flavonol, and other active compounds that help prevent cancer, improve skin health, extend lifespan, lower cholesterol, and improve overall health.

Weight Control and Weight Loss

Sweet potatoes can also support weight loss. This is because sweet potatoes boost metabolism, keep you full for longer, and have fewer calories than white rice. Substituting sweet potatoes for a diet rich in white rice and bread can help you lose weight more effectively. Having a boiled sweet potato in the morning can aid in weight loss and provide energy for daily activities. The fiber in sweet potatoes can make you feel full and reduce cravings, thus controlling your food intake.

Good for Digestive System and Detoxification

The fiber in sweet potatoes can promote bowel movements, facilitate digestion, and reduce the burden on the digestive system. Sweet potatoes are beneficial for constipation and indigestion. Moreover, vitamin C-rich sweet potatoes can protect the digestive tract and reduce the occurrence of gastric inflammation, gastric ulcers, and other digestive diseases. Additionally, sweet potatoes contain a special compound called Chlorogenic acid that has antioxidant properties and can reduce the harmful effects of free radicals on the digestive system.

Considerations when choosing sweet potatoes

– Do not eat sweet potatoes that show signs of mold or rot, as they can produce harmful toxins for the liver.

– Sprouted sweet potatoes are still edible but if they have long shoots, they will have reduced nutritional value. Do not eat sweet potatoes with mold.

– There are different varieties of sweet potatoes, but purple sweet potatoes are believed to have more antioxidant properties.

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