Longer Lifespan Depends on Four Clean Body Parts for Both Men and Women over 50 Years Old

As we age, our bodies undergo noticeable changes. The accelerated aging process can significantly diminish our physical abilities. At this point, a simple way to gauge our overall health is to observe whether these four essential body parts are "clean."


After the age of 50, the functions and organs in the body enter the aging phase, which greatly affects health.

If any of the following 4 areas show unusual symptoms, it indicates that your body is carrying a disease and you should seek medical attention immediately:

1. Face

According to Eastern medicine, a doctor can diagnose a person’s internal organ disease by relying on the qi and facial expressions of that person.

In fact, the internal organs in the human body have specific “connections” to different parts of the face.

If you have a clean face, a bright complexion, rosy cheeks, few wrinkles, no dark circles or signs of any abnormalities, it indicates that the detoxification organs in your body are functioning well and your body is healthy.

2. Lungs

First of all, the first thing to check is whether your lungs are clean, because lungs are often referred to as the “shield” of the body. The air you breathe, whether good or bad, directly affects your lungs.

To maintain healthy lungs, you should immediately quit smoking, eat more foods that are good for the lungs such as cabbage soup, various nuts, salmon, fruits and orange vegetables… to detoxify the lungs, prevent and protect against cancer.

3. Intestines

Our ancestors used to say that a healthy intestine leads to long life, and a clean intestine leads to a healthy body. When digestion is good, the body is not bloated, does not have diarrhea, and does not suffer from constipation.

Therefore, pay more attention to your own digestion in life, eat scientifically and on time.

The intestine is a relatively delicate organ, and if the diet and lifestyle are not healthy, it can easily lead to dangerous intestinal diseases.

4. “Clean” Blood Vessels

Blood vessels play a role in circulating blood throughout the body, so they are very important. Soft or hard blood vessels are related to human longevity.

With age, the “garbage” and harmful substances in the body have the ability to invade and mix with the blood. This can make the blood thicker and form blood clots. Over time, blood vessel blockages occur, threatening human life.