Mistakes in seasoning that make housewives regret, drop them before it’s too late

The following 4 habits of using spices turn food into poison, harming your health and loved ones.



Many housewives have the habit of using salt arbitrarily for any dish, which causes your family to consume a large amount of salt.

Salt is an essential seasoning in life, but you should not eat too much salt because it can cause water retention and put excessive strain on your body.

So, when cooking, you should not use too much salt to avoid affecting your health.


If you add sugar to fried dishes like chicken wings, chicken thighs, sweet and sour ribs, grilled meat skewers, etc., it will make the food softer and more enticing.

However, when you use sugar to fry, it is easy to burn the food and create toxic substances that can affect your health.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Among the various seasonings, MSG is a seasoning that enhances the taste of your food. However, if you marinate your food with MSG for too long before cooking, it can cause the components in MSG to break down and affect your health.

Furthermore, if you cook MSG at high temperatures, it can also negatively impact your health, leading to respiratory and digestive problems.

Mistakes when using seasonings that make housewives regret, discard before it's too late-1

Avoid using too much MSG and do not cook it at high temperatures

Fish Sauce

Among the various seasonings, fish sauce is a familiar seasoning that is deeply ingrained in the identity of Vietnamese people. However, when using fish sauce, you should not simmer it for too long as it can cause the fish sauce to deteriorate and affect your health.

Mistakes when using seasonings that make housewives regret, discard before it's too late-2

You should only add fish sauce when the dish is almost cooked.


According to Khoevadep

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