The Silent Killer: 10 Habits That Can Make You Wealthy or Bankrupt Due to Cancer and Diabetes

The following eating habits will lead you down the path of developing cancer and diabetes.


There are numerous factors that contribute to our health, such as our eating habits, food choices, and eating schedule. What we eat greatly impacts and reflects our health. If you continue to maintain the following habits, the path to diabetes and cancer is not far away.

Consuming a lot of sugar

Sugar is a danger in modern times. Sugar causes obesity, increases inflammation in the body, leading to diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. Refined sugar is even more dangerous for our health. A report published in Frontiers in Immunology also emphasizes that a diet high in processed sugar can contribute to inflammatory diseases, such as low-grade joint inflammation, intestinal inflammation, psoriasis, and sclerosis. Nowadays, the rate of obesity is increasing, and sugar is one of the risks.

Consuming few vegetables and fruits

If you often experience infections, have a high risk of infection, and slow healing wounds, then consider the amount of vegetables, fruits in your daily diet.

A diet rich in vegetables and fruits is a healthy eating habit that helps fight against infections. The group of vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Scientific studies have also proven the anti-inflammatory benefits of vegetables and fruits. A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that consuming more vegetables and fruits not only helps reduce signs of inflammation but also enhances immune system health.

Consuming too little fish and other seafood

Fish and seafood are foods rich in minerals, omega fatty acids, good proteins, collagen, and iodine. Especially fish, which is rich in omega, is very good for fighting inflammation. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025, healthy adults should consume at least 0.23kg of seafood per week. However, you should consume boiled or steamed fish instead of fried, grilled, or heavily salted fish.

Overindulging in fast food

Fast food is often heavily processed, fried, or contains a lot of sugar, as well as preservatives and chemical additives. That is the reason why the body is prone to inflammation and excess obesity. A study published in the journal Cell showed that consuming a lot of fast food can trigger inflammation and impact the immune system.

Eating more processed meat than fresh meat

Processed meat contains many chemical additives and loses a lot of nutrients during processing and preservation. This makes the body more susceptible to inflammation and other health issues. Processed meats may be easier to store and save cooking time compared to fresh meat. However, to protect overall health and avoid inflammation, people should limit their consumption of this food group.

Using artificial sweeteners excessively

Sugar is harmful, and artificial sweeteners are even more dangerous. Artificial sweeteners can alter the composition of bacteria in the gut, particularly reducing beneficial bacteria, thus increasing the risk of inflammation. Therefore, avoid artificial sweeteners and chemical sweeteners.

Eating too much red meat

Red meats such as beef, buffalo, and pork are also among the highest foods in AGEs. In addition, the level of AGEs in food is also directly influenced by the cooking method. Grilling, frying, and roasting are cooking methods that can increase the level of AGEs. Red meat also contains a lot of saturated fats, which leads to inflammation. Red meat, in particular, is recommended to be limited because it is associated with various types of cancer.

Using too much plant-based margarine

Many people think that plant-based margarine is safe, but do you know that these types of margarine contain trans fats? They are the cause of inflammation in the body. Therefore, when using plant-based margarine for cooking, you need to carefully read the labels and avoid buying margarine that contains trans fats. Also, avoid using too much plant-based margarine when cooking.

Eating too much white bread

White bread is one of the processed foods with a lot of processed starch and can lead to health problems such as inflammation. Starch can increase blood sugar levels, which increases the risk of diabetes.

Eating late

Eating late increases the risk of infection in the body. A study published in PLOS One showed that eating too much in the evening can increase the level of inflammation. The study also showed that the CRP concentration (a marker of inflammation and other chronic diseases) in the body increases with the number of calories we consume after 5 pm.

Therefore, if you are still stuck with these eating habits, you should stop immediately. Disease comes from the mouth, which is no exaggeration. Therefore, maintaining good eating habits is more important than maintaining exercise habits.

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