Caring for Peach and Cherry Blossoms to Bloom Perfectly on Tet Day

Cherry blossoms and apricot blossoms are two indispensable flowers during Tet holidays in the North and the South of Vietnam. However, not all cherry blossoms and apricot blossoms bloom on the exact days of Tet. To ensure that these flowers bloom on Tet, here is what you need to do.


Caring for peach and apricot trees to bloom on Tet is not something everyone can do if only the final stage of the tree is affected. It may not produce the desired results and we need to apply various technical measures and impact during the growth and development of the tree.

1How to care for peach blossoms to bloom on Tet

Stop fertilizing, watering for peach trees: To make peach blossoms bloom on Tet, you need to pay attention from October onwards not to fertilize or water late. In particular, watering the peach trees should depend on the weather to choose whether to water with warm or cold water. If you want the peach to bloom early, spray warm water; if you want the peach to bloom late, spray cold water.

Turn the peach tree: This is the process of transferring the peach tree to another hole, then compact the roots. The time to turn the tree varies for each type of peach: for example, the Bich peach is turned about 1/8 (lunar month), the Phai peach on 20/7, and the That Thon peach on 1/7.

“Pluck” the peach: This is the step that needs to be done before trimming the peach leaves. The “plucking” process is done as follows: Use a sharp knife to cut off a piece of the bark below the branch, and just after 1 week, you will see the peach turn pale yellow. If you see the leaves are still green, cut off another piece of bark. After cutting the bark, you need to use a plastic bag to wrap the cut area tightly so that water does not accumulate, causing the bark to rot.

How to care for peach blossoms to bloom on Tet

The time to “pluck” the peach is in August (lunar calendar), and starting from October, you should limit the use of fertilizers with high nitrogen content. From the end of November, you should use fertilizers and apply them to the roots of the peach trees, limiting watering.

Trim the peach leaves: The best time to trim the peach leaves is 2 months before Tet. You need to trim carefully so as not to make the leaves stick to the branches, as this will cause the flowers to wither.

With these methods, the peach tree will bloom on Tet. In addition, if you want to delay the blooming or hasten the blooming of the peach, you can follow these steps:

If it is December (lunar calendar) and you notice that the weather is below 10 degrees for 1 week, you need to stimulate the peach to bloom by stopping watering for a few days and then watering with water at a temperature of 40 – 50 degrees Celsius around the roots of the peach tree. In addition, wrap it with plastic and light it at night, spray foliage fertilizers such as Dau Trau 901, 902, to help the peach bloom on Tet.

If it is early November (lunar calendar) and the weather is warm, the peach may bloom early, so you need to delay it by spraying cold water on the peach trees frequently, diluting urea with a concentration of 1% and spraying it on the peach leaves or watering with cold water. At the same time, to limit the transportation of nutrients in the tree, you need to use a knife to cut one or several rounds around the peach branches and trunk, randomly cutting from 10 – 12% of the root bundle around the peach tree. This method will help the peach bloom on Tet.

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2How to care for peach after Tet

Peaches after Tet usually bloom all the buds and flowers, the nutrients in the buds are not abundant, but enough to sustain the life of the tree. If you know how to take care of the peach trees after Tet, the peach can live and bloom for the next Tet season.

Prepare the planting soil

Prepare the planting soil

You need to make the soil light and loose, create a raised bed about 25-30cm high, 70cm wide, create furrows for good drainage. At the same time, you should use fertilizers in the soil to nourish the tree.

Trim the branches

Trim the branches for more new branches to generate, and more flowers next year

Trim the branches to generate more new branches, and more flowers next year. If not trimmed early, the branches will be old, and next year’s flowers will only be on the outside of the branches. During the trimming process, you need to shape the tree canopy.

Fertilize the peach trees

Fertilize the peach trees

During Tet, the tree has used up nutrients to produce flowers. Therefore, after Tet, you need to fertilize the tree to provide enough nutrients for it. You can fertilize each tree with 0.5 to 1kg of NPK mixed with 2ml of NEB super fertilizer depending on the size of the tree, fertilize about 30-50cm away from the roots according to the projection of the canopy.

You need to water the peach tree sufficiently during the fertilizing period so that the tree can absorb the fertilizer well and grow well.

Prevent pests and diseases

Prevent pests and diseases

Next, you should spray pesticide to prevent diseases in trees. If you notice signs of root decay or leaf spots in the peach pot, you need to use Anvil 10EC or Penac P. The peach tree can also be infested with scale insects, you can use Supracide to prevent it.

Create canopy shape for the peach pot

Create canopy shape for the peach pot

Creating a canopy shape is essential and needs to be done continuously by combining bending, pruning, removing unwanted branches. You can also combine the method of peeling the bark on the trunk of the peach tree to create an ancient look for your peach tree.

3How to care for apricot blossoms to bloom on Tet

Trim the apricot leaves: Trimming the apricot leaves properly and at the right time will help the apricot bloom on Tet. The most suitable time to trim the apricot leaves is around the mid-November, on the 23rd of November, you will see the apricot have signs of silk peeling off, and then the apricot flowers will definitely bloom on Tet.

However, when picking the apricot leaves, you need to note: Stop watering for 1-3 days, when you see the leaves start to show veins, then you can pick them. After picking off all the leaves, you need to water the tree thoroughly, and you can also supplement the tree with Trun Que fertilizer to stimulate flower development.

If the tree’s growth and development are good, it will bloom late, so you can pick the leaves earlier than the usual time, and if the tree’s growth and development are poor, you can pick the leaves later. You should also base it on the apricot variety to pick the leaves.

How to care for apricot blossoms to bloom on Tet

Note about temperature and planting soil: To make the apricot bloom on Tet, you need to ensure the appropriate temperature for the apricot, which is 25-30 degrees Celsius. If it is too cold, the apricot will bloom late; if it is too hot, the apricot will bloom fast.

The most suitable planting soil for the apricot is in areas with soft and fertile soil and ensure that the soil is not flooded.

If you want to stimulate the apricot to bloom early or late, you can also follow these steps:

In case you want the apricot to bloom on Tet: You should pick the leaves early around 10 – 12 of December and then stop watering for 1 day, instead watering with NPK fertilizer diluted in a ratio of 10g to 8 liters of water, watering once every 5 days. By December 23rd, if there are signs of silk peeling, then the apricot tree in your house will bloom on Tet.

In addition, you can also take other measures such as: Using some types of flower stimulant drugs, watering with warm water when the weather is showing signs of cold, spraying the buds and buds in the early morning.

In case you want to delay the blooming of the apricot: You need to pick the leaves later than expected, around 20th of December, and then stop watering for 1 day and water with diluted NPK or urea, this method will help delay the apricot blooming.

4How to care for apricot trees during Tet

The way to make the apricot tree grow and develop well is not simple if you do not know the effective care methods. And for each type of apricot, there will be different care methods.

Apricot trees for decoration indoors

Apricot trees for decoration indoors

When the apricot tree is used for decoration indoors, it will not have direct contact with sunlight, which leads to insufficient photosynthesis. In this case, the leaves of the tree will be thin, pale green, and the branches will be long but thin and weak.

Do not place the apricot tree near a fan or strong wind as it will cause the tree to drop its flowers. Instead, place the apricot tree in spacious and airy places. Especially, if the apricot tree is placed near a very hot lamp or a place with strong light, the apricot will bloom quickly and wither quickly.

Many homeowners do not take the time to care for the apricot tree, they only pour a little water. If you do not take good care of it, the apricot will not bloom next year.

After Tet, you should bring the apricot tree outside to the natural environment but must place it in a shaded area for the tree to gradually adapt to the temperature outside and cut off the flowers and leaves to concentrate the nutrients on the tree.

Apricot trees planted on the ground

Apricot trees planted on the ground

For this type of apricot, the tree has adapted to the natural environment, so it doesn’t need much care. You just need to trim off all the flowers and buds so that the tree can focus on nourishing itself.

5How to care for apricot trees after Tet

Trim the tree branches

Trim the tree branches

The branches of the apricot tree should be trimmed and bent about 1 week after Tet. Depending on the type, shape, and size of the tree, we will have appropriate branch pruning techniques, you can prune the branches like a fir tree – the upper branches shorter than the lower branches. Usually, you will cut off 1/3 of the apricot branches. The purpose is to remove excess flowers and leaves, and focus on the development of the tree and shape it beautifully for next year’s Tet.

Next, we will dissolve 1 spoonful of urea in 10 liters of water to spray on the tree. This helps stimulate growth and nourish the tree in a standardized manner.

If you observe that the apricot branches do not grow much, you can use an additional 1g of GA3 dissolved in 30-40 liters of water to spray on the tree and around the roots.

Once the tree has recovered, you can put it in the sun to gradually adapt the tree. Doing so will help the tree grow leaves and shoots very quickly.

Tree hygiene

Tree hygiene

To help the apricot develop well, after trimming the branches, you need to start tree hygiene by simply using a sprinkler to spray water on the tree to remove any mold around the tree, or you can use manual methods to scrub off the mold.

In addition, you can use chemicals such as urea dissolved in water to spray on the mold spots, then gently scrub off the clinging spots.

Shaping the apricot tree

Shaping the apricot tree with wire mesh

The best time to shape the gold apricot tree is at the end of July – late summer, at this time the tree is growing strongly and best suited for bending branches. Before shaping, you need to prune unnecessary branches, weak branches, and branches that are affected by pests or diseases.

You can use wire mesh, copper wire, lead wire, or fabric to wrap around the tree when bending, to avoid harming the tree.

To make it easier to bend the apricot, first, you need to shape the apricot tree before wrapping. Bend the apricot tree according to the sequence, from the trunk to the main branches, then the branches around the trunk, bend the large branches first and then the smaller ones.

When wrapping, do not wrap too loose or too tight, for diagonal wrapping, create a 45-degree angle compared to the central axis of the trunk. The branches should be twisted in the direction of the wire to fix them to the tree bark. After about 3-4 months or 1 year, you can remove the wire mesh.

Some notes

Notes when caring for apricots after Tet

After Tet, you need to remove all the flowers, leaves, and buds so that the nutrients can focus on nourishing the tree. Because if you leave too many flowers and leaves, they will absorb all the nutrients, and the tree will grow slowly in the next year.

You should let the tree stay outside in a natural environment so that the tree can absorb nutrients.

Do not disturb the soil around the roots, as it will affect the tree’s development for next year’s Tet.

Avoid using too much fertilizer or chemicals; excessive doses will leave excess nutrients and cause a change in the tree’s cycle, even damaging the tree’s roots.

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If you want to have beautiful peach and apricot blossoms to display on Tet, you can follow the care methods mentioned above. Wish you a Tet full of luck and joy!