2 Steps to Make Bitter Melon Green, Crispy, and Less Bitter for Everyone

Before stir-frying, there are two additional steps to ensure that the bitter taste of this bitter melon is greatly reduced, making it edible even for those who dislike bitterness.


Bitter melon is a fruit that many people enjoy for its easy-to-eat and refreshing taste. Bitter melon is usually bought to stir-fry or cook soup, stuff with meat, and even make salad by mixing with dried shrimp… In hot summer, bitter melon is chosen to prepare many dishes that help cool down the body. In particular, when stir-fried, its crispy and slightly bitter taste makes it very enjoyable for many people.

To cook this dish, many people often put the bitter melon directly into the pan. However, according to the experience of experienced chefs, stir-frying bitter melon in this way will make it less crispy and even more bitter than usual. Especially if stir-fried with various meats, it becomes even more bitter when stir-fried with eggs. Therefore, housewives can follow the 2 steps below to make the dish even more perfect.

Firstly, when preparing the bitter melon, note that you should cut the fruit in half, remove the seeds, and remember to scrape off the white part that still clings around the inside of the bitter melon. Because this white part is the main cause of its bitter taste.

The second step is to blanch the bitter melon with boiling water. After the bitter melon is cleaned, slice it into bite-sized pieces for stir-frying. Bring a pot of water to a boil, add salt and a little cooking oil, then quickly blanch the bitter melon for 30 seconds and immediately remove it, put it in a bowl of cold water to cool down, and then drain the water.

The chef explained that the purpose of adding salt to the boiling water is to prevent the loss of vitamins in the bitter melon. The purpose of adding oil is to maintain the green and shiny color of the bitter melon. As for soaking or rinsing the bitter melon with cold water after blanching, it is to cool it down, avoid it from turning yellow as it is still hot from blanching.

Now you just need to stir-fry the bitter melon with your preferred ingredients such as eggs and meat!

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