The difference between “straight” and “curved” shrimp: A crucial choice at the market that few are aware of.

When it comes to making a choice, many people are unsure whether to go for "straight shrimp" or "curved shrimp". In reality, these two types of shrimp have several differences.


There is a big difference between “straight shrimp” and “curved shrimp”. If you don’t know how to choose, it’s easy to buy shrimp that is dead in the refrigerator. This type of shrimp not only has poor quality meat but also has a strong fishy smell, no matter how you cook it, it does not guarantee good quality or taste!

When we go to the supermarket or the vegetable market to choose shrimp, we should prioritize buying curved shrimp. This is because when the shrimp is dead, their flesh becomes quite flabby, no matter how hard you straighten them out, they still retain their original shape.

On the contrary, live shrimp naturally have a curved body when they are stimulated by low temperatures. Therefore, when they are cold or fresh, they will still maintain their curved shape.

When buying shrimp, not only pay attention to their curvature, but also pay attention to the following three points to avoid buying shrimp that has been preserved for too long.

There are two types of shrimp that you should be aware of when shopping:

The first type: Shrimp with missing head and tail

You can easily recognize this type of shrimp by checking their head and tail. If you clearly notice that the shrimp has a missing head or tail, it is a sign that they have been preserved for too long.

The head of the shrimp usually begins to rot, become soft, and this type of shrimp is not a good choice. After cooking, the meat will have a fishy taste and will no longer be fresh and delicious like fresh shrimp.

The second type: Shrimp with red shells

Some shrimp may turn red when they are affected by high temperatures during transportation. Shrimp with red shells is usually a sign that they have undergone aging and the meat of this type of shrimp will not retain a good taste. When choosing shrimp, prioritize buying ones with clean shells and no signs of color change.

The third type: Soft shrimp meat

If when you buy shrimp, the meat does not have elasticity but is soft and flabby, this indicates that the shrimp’s tail may have started to rot. The meat in this state will be quite tender and have a stronger rotten smell compared to regular shrimp. The head and tail of the shrimp may also separate more easily, and when cooking, this type of shrimp will produce an unpleasant fishy taste. Therefore, to ensure quality, it is best to avoid buying this type of shrimp.

The cooking method for shrimp also requires technique. When boiling shrimp, use boiling water and add Sichuan pepper, ginger, and beer to the water. These ingredients will help completely eliminate the fishy smell of shrimp. To ensure that the shrimp meat remains fresh and delicious, eat it immediately within a day after boiling. If left for too long, the shrimp meat may become old and dry, no longer retaining its original taste.

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