5 Trendy and Stylish Sweater Designs, Perfect for Adding to Your Lunar New Year Outfit Collection

There are 5 sweater styles worth wearing on Lunar New Year outing.


There are plenty of fashionable items worth adding to your Tet wardrobe, such as long pants, skirts, and coats. Warm and stylish, sweaters score high in youthfulness and sophistication. Choosing the right sweater style will definitely elevate your Tet fashion game. Here are 5 sweater models that are worth wearing for Tet outings.

White Sweater

The white sweater is a fashion item that is no longer unfamiliar to women, but it never goes out of style and even has different variations every year. The white sweater impresses with its femininity, elegance, and bright features that effectively rejuvenate your style. The white sweater can be paired harmoniously with any type of long pants or skirts in your wardrobe. If you prefer simplicity and elegance, pair a white sweater with wide-leg trousers or jeans. Adding accessories such as pearl necklaces and gold earrings will enhance your sophistication.

Gray Sweater

The gray sweater is a trend loved by many stylish women for its sophistication and elegance. When pairing a gray sweater with familiar fashion items such as tailored pants, wide-leg jeans, skirts, fashionable ladies can layer a gray sweater with a shirt to make the outfit stand out and look more youthful.

Styled Sweater

Women should add styled sweaters to their wardrobes to create a fresh look for their style. Specifically, sweaters with pleats, cut-outs, or suspender collars are the trends of the cold season. These designs bring youthful and eye-catching accents to your style, while still maintaining elegance. Just simply mix them with an already impressive overall outfit, which guarantees a sophisticated look for the wearer.

Off-shoulder Sweater

Trendy and alluring, off-shoulder sweaters accentuate the allure of the wearer. Off-shoulder sweaters are also very elegant, especially when paired with a short, flared skirt and youthful and sweet boots. Accessories such as gold necklaces or pearl necklaces will be the highlight that makes the overall outfit of women more sophisticated and prominent.

Dark-colored Sweater

Fashion enthusiasts are currently favoring sweaters in bold colors. Dark-colored sweaters bring youthfulness and eye-catching features, making your Tet style fresher.

You should pair them with neutral-colored fashion items to create balance and harmony. Among the dark-colored sweater models, red, deep blue, or purple sweaters are the most prevalent; so, women should add them to their wardrobes.