7 Tips to Maintain a Slim Waistline During Tet Holidays

All you need to do is follow the 7 suggestions below and the size of your pants will decrease daily.


Balanced Nutrition

Eating foods that are high in calories and not good for health can lead to nutritional deficiencies and increased cravings. Uncontrolled cravings can lead to overeating and converting excess calories into fat, especially in the abdominal region.

You should choose a nutrition plan that has the ability to burn calories instead of reducing calorie intake or reducing the amount of food consumed.

Rice Helps Burn Calories Faster

This is the number one weight loss food in the world in the eyes of medical experts or nutritionists, and a super nutritious food that can slim down the waist. Rice has a very low lipid content, about 2%, and contains high-quality carbohydrates and proteins, which have a high calorie-burning effect, so it is recognized by doctors and nutrition experts as an excellent weight loss food and good for health.

“60% rice, 40% vegetables”

Remember the principle of 60% rice and 40% vegetables. In particular, choosing mixed rice to enhance calorie burning ability will help reduce belly fat quickly in a short period of time.

Your Mood When Eating

Enjoying food with a happy mood not only creates calorie-burning hormones but also stimulates smoother digestive system activity. Eating with a relaxed mood and suppressing cravings can be an effective way to lose weight.

Start with a Breakfast that Increases Body Temperature

Breakfast with rice and soup is considered a weight loss meal, which helps increase body temperature from below the abdomen and reduce fat in the lower abdomen. Because people with low body temperature are more prone to weight gain. Therefore, stimulating gastric activity early on and creating a warm feeling.

Maintain 3 Meals a Day

If the time between meals lasts more than 8 hours, it can lead to sudden nutrient absorption and increased fat accumulation (excluding sleep time). Therefore, when the time between meals is long, you should eat light foods like rice rolls or boiled eggs.

Weight Loss with Eating Out or Drinking Alcohol

If you enjoy drinking alcohol, you should limit this activity to only 2 days a week to ensure that your liver has enough rest time and does not negatively affect your health. When drinking alcohol, prefer light foods such as vegetables, beans, and fruits to make appetizers, combined with rice and soup.