Angelababy keeps 2 basic habits to maintain bright skin and slim figure

Angelababy's secret to maintaining bright and slim skin lies in two simple habits that every woman should learn from.


Drink a warm glass of filtered water as soon as you wake up every morning

If you want to have radiant skin and a slim figure like Angelababy, don’t skip this step every morning when you wake up.

Drinking warm filtered water in the morning as soon as you wake up can activate your body’s metabolism, helping you burn more fat throughout the day. Drinking warm filtered water when you wake up also cleanses your intestines. 

Drinking warm filtered water every day also helps relax muscles and increase blood circulation. Increased blood flow can rejuvenate and nourish skin cells. Therefore, simply drinking warm filtered water every morning when you wake up is a simple and effective step for brightening your skin. 

Not only good for the skin and figure, drinking warm filtered water as soon as you wake up also brings many other health benefits.

When we drink warm water, our body temperature rises and activates the endocrine system, making us sweat more. This also helps efficiently eliminate toxins from the body.

Apply sunscreen after your morning skincare routine

Whether going to work, traveling, or simply going for a walk, the actress never forgets to carry a tube of sunscreen with her. Especially in the morning, after her skincare routine, whether going outside or staying at home, she always applies sunscreen regularly.

The habit of regularly applying sunscreen, starting from the morning, is the secret for many women to have hydrated and younger-looking skin.


– Use the right amount of sunscreen. If you use too little, your skin will not have optimal protection. If you use too much, it will cause wastage and make your skin sticky, leading to acne breakouts.

– During the time you only sit indoors and do not go out in the sun, you should apply a pea-sized amount of sunscreen to your face.

– Usually, you should apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before exposing yourself to sunlight and reapply every 2-3 hours.

– If you only sit indoors and do not expose yourself to UV rays, you can apply sunscreen twice a day. For sunscreen with an SPF 50, if you apply a thick layer, you may not need to reapply it when sitting indoors.

– Apply sunscreen after your skincare routine and before applying makeup (if applicable).

– You need to remove sunscreen with makeup remover because facial cleansers cannot thoroughly clean sunscreen.