Stylish and youthful double strap maxi dresses that make Quach Thu Phuong appear ten years younger

Looking at Quach Thu Phuong in these maxi dresses, no one would think that she is over 50 years old. Quickly copy her style, ladies!


Looking at the pictures below, no one would think that the actress is 46 years old. The two-piece maxi dresses that actress Quach Thu Phuong chooses help her look ten years younger and especially not revealing.

Maxi and two straps are a perfect combination for hot summer days. Maxi enhances the gentle and graceful appearance, with a long dress but not hot. The two-strap design creates a cool and youthful feeling when walking on the street or when going out. The pure white color helps the wearer easily hide their age.

Bright colors give you more energy. The ruffled design helps conceal body imperfections. Especially for those with a slim figure, this design can help you look fuller and more voluptuous.

The silk and chiffon fabrics make the maxi dresses cool and soft, giving you the appearance of a poetess. The delicate two-strap design showcases the collarbone and full breasts, while the neckline is not too revealing, allowing you to show off your bust without being too revealing or difficult to use. With floral patterns like this, you become dreamy and youthful, gentle and attractive without being dazzling.

Important notes when choosing a two-strap maxi dress:

Maxi dresses are essential for the summer. However, it is important to choose lightweight and breathable natural materials that will give you a more gentle and charming appearance. When wearing a small two-strap dress, choose adhesive breast pads instead of wearing a bra with straps to avoid showing your undergarments. You can also wear plastic strap bras, but they will not look as nice as adhesive pads or strapless bras.

If you want to be more modest, you can choose larger two-strap dresses that will provide more coverage, but they will not be as graceful and delicate as the smaller ones.

If you are thin and afraid of appearing too fragile, choose a tiered two-strap dress, which will make you look more buoyant and romantic. If you have an oversized waist, do not choose a fitted two-strap dress as it will make you look rounder.

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