Add this type of fruit to any fish: Fresh, delicious, aromatic, and visually appealing fish shop

With the foolproof recipe below, you will have a delicious and addictive fish stew that will satisfy your taste buds.


How to Choose Fresh Fish

In order to have a delicious braised fish, fried fish or fish soup, you still need to be able to choose fresh and satisfactory pieces of fish. Because only when you choose fresh and satisfactory fish can your dish guarantee its quality. At the same time, when you choose good fish, it will be firm and not too fishy. To achieve this, you need to choose fresh fish that has not been dead for long. Also, look at the fish’s eyes, if they are not too bulging, it means the fish has not been dead for long.

Besides, you should check the elasticity of the fish to see if it is fresh or not. If the fish has good elasticity, it means it is fresh and can be chosen. If the fish has poor elasticity, it is not recommended to buy.

ca kho ngon

Ingredients for Braised Fish

– Coconut water

Coconut water made from fresh coconuts has a beautiful color and is not bitter.

How to make coconut water:

– Step 1: Coconut water must be filtered to remove coconut fiber and debris. After getting the coconut water out of the fruit, it must be cooked immediately. If left for too long, the coconut water will turn sour and the flavor will not be good.

– Step 2: Pour the coconut water into a pan or pot and start cooking. When the coconut water reduces, you can add more coconut water and continue cooking until the fish is evenly cooked and firm.

– Step 3: When the coconut water has evaporated about half and started to change color, you can reduce the heat. During cooking, you can gently stir with a fork to help the coconut water evaporate quickly and prevent it from burning. You need to stay by the stove to ensure that your fish dish is delicious and meets the standard.


– Step 4: At this step, you can repeat again and put it in a smaller pot for easier stirring (optional). When you see that the coconut water has a sticky and brownish consistency, it is done. The coconut water needs to cool down before pouring it into bottles for gradual use. This way, you won’t waste time for the next time.

– Because it is made from pure coconut water, the taste will be slightly bitter, and the color will be reddish-brown, which is very beautiful and fragrant when the dish is finished. It is not bitter or have a strong smell like brown sugar coloring. At the same time, the fish will be much more fragrant.

The storage method is very simple, just cover it tightly and keep it in a cool, dry place for up to 2-3 years without worrying about spoilage.

Coconut water made from coconut water will make the braised dishes more delicious and have a beautiful color, making your fish dish more appealing.

So now you have a delicious and firm braised fish dish without any fishy flavor and with an attractive color. Good luck with this braised fish dish!

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