4 Bitter Vegetables that are Cheaper than Meat, Nutritious as Thousand-year-old Ginseng: Many People Unaware and Hesitant to Eat

The following vegetables have a bitter taste that many people dislike, but they are extremely beneficial for your health, so don't overlook them.


Artemisia herb

Artemisia herb is a type of vegetable with a bitter taste but very good for your health. In traditional medicine, artemisia herb is a medicinal herb that helps calm the mind, relieve heat, and improve sleep. Especially for those who have just recovered from illness, artemisia herb helps to replenish blood and greatly improve health. However, many people who cannot tolerate bitterness do not like this type of vegetable.

Bitter gourd

According to Oriental medicine experts, bitter gourd or bitter melon contains many types of vitamins that are very good for health. Especially, bitter gourd is also rich in minerals and fiber that help the digestive system prevent constipation. At the same time, the nutrients in bitter gourd help the body recover from morning sickness, diarrhea, diabetes, and enhance the immunity of pregnant women. Besides, bitter gourd also helps women improve their skin and fight against the aging process.

Kale curly cabbage

In the composition of kale curly cabbage, it contains a high amount of lutein, an antioxidant that is good for human eyes. When you eat kale curly cabbage, it will help supplement lutein every day. You can find this amount of lutein in half a bowl of kale curly cabbage, vitamin A, and vitamin K, which are essential substances for the body. Therefore, this vegetable is very good for human health. However, kale curly cabbage usually has a very bitter taste, so many people do not like it and often skip it.


When eating celery, it has a mild bitter taste. Although the bitterness of this vegetable is not too strong, many people do not like it because of that. But few people know that celery consists of 95% water, so it is responsible for providing water to the body’s organs, making them function smoothly and more refreshing. Besides, each stalk of celery contains only about 4 calories, which is why many people prefer this vegetable to support their weight loss journey and maintain a slim and effective figure.

Furthermore, celery also helps nourish health, helping the human body fight against the aging process very effectively.

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