6 Common Plants That Stalk Your Garden—and Also Happen to Be Tasty, Healing Vegetables That Cure 100 Ailments

Backyard staples, annuals that show up yearly in the garden, are no strangers to home gardeners and are often featured on dinner plates. Although they may be thought of as a tasty and nutritious vegetable, they are also known to be a medicinal remedy.


1. purslane

purslane is very good for dysentery

According to Oriental medicine, purslane, also known as Ma Xi Xian, can now be used as a whole plant, except for the roots. Harvest in summer and autumn, use fresh. Purslane will help disinfect, reduce inflammation, treat pinworms, roundworms; cure bacillary dysentery, stranguria by using 250g of fresh plants, combined with small-leaved milkweed to make a decoction. You can also crush the leaves to apply, helping to treat sore breasts, acne, impetigo on the head…

2. gotu kola

In Oriental medicine, gotu kola, also known as Tich Tuyet Thao, Lien Tien Thao, is also a plant harvested year-round, can be used fresh, dried in the sun or dried. Gotu kola crushed and applied externally can treat injuries from falls, broken bones, sprains, abscesses…

gotu kola crushed and applied externally can treat injuries from falls, broken bones, sprains, abscesses…

In addition, gotu kola can also cure symptoms such as fever, vomiting blood, nosebleeds, dysentery, diarrhea… by using 30g of fresh plants, add water or decoct daily.

3. Houttuynia cordata

Houttuynia cordata is a raw vegetable with a sour taste and fishy smell. According to Oriental medicine, Houttuynia cordata has the effect of treating bronchitis, detoxifying, cooling, treating acne, and beautifying the skin. In addition, Houttuynia cordata is also used to treat asthma, edema, urinary tract inflammation, frequent urination, urgency of urination, vaginal discharge, and acne.

Houttuynia cordata has the effect of treating bronchitis, detoxifying, cooling, treating acne, and beautifying the skin.

The abundant amount of fiber in this vegetable has the effect of supporting the digestive system, preventing fat absorption, promoting the separation of toxins and then eliminating them from the body.

In addition to eating raw, you can use Houttuynia cordata juice to increase metabolism, transform, excrete waste, toxins, fat, and at the same time suppress appetite, reduce the amount of calories absorbed, helping you lose weight naturally. lose weight naturally.

4. hairy basil

According to Traditional Medicine, hairy basil has a bitter and astringent taste, cool, has a characteristic smell that can be unpleasant to many people. Modern medicine has studied and found in this type of leaf ingredients such as: Essential oils, proteins, vitamin C, carotene and some other components.

Hairy basil to sterilize, cool, detoxify, ward off wind, promote blood circulation, treat flatulence, indigestion…

Basil leaves have the following effects:

  • Oriental Medicine uses hairy basil to sterilize, cool, detoxify, ward off wind, promote blood circulation, treat flatulence, indigestion.
  • Hairy basil treats diarrhea, supports the treatment of bloody stools, dysentery.
  • This spice is also effective in reducing phlegm, supporting the treatment of cough due to bronchitis.
  • The active ingredient Sulfur dimethyl disulphide in basil leaves has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, helping to destroy bacteria in the digestive tract. Thereby, basil can support the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Anti-inflammatory components in basil leaves also have the effect of neutralizing stomach acid, reducing symptoms and supporting the treatment of internal stomach lesions.
  • From a long time ago, the prescription using hairy basil leaves to reduce the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux, treat colitis, prolapse of the rectum… has also been applied by our ancestors.
  • The alkaloid in basil also has the effect of reducing the effects of free radicals that are harmful to the body. Curing sore throats with basil leaves is also quite safe and effective.

There are many tips for using basil leaves for health care and remedies for diseases that have been passed down from ancient times to the present.

5. lemongrass

Lemongrass can be harvested year-round, used fresh or dried in the shade.

Lemongrass essential oil will help cure bloating, vomiting, poor bowel movements…

With just 10-20g of roots and leaves decoction or steaming with other aromatic leaves will cure colds or fever. Lemongrass essential oil will help cure bloating, vomiting, poor bowel movements. You can use 3-6 drops of lemongrass essential oil with water. In addition, lemongrass essential oil also has the effect of repelling mosquitoes, deodorizing…

6. mugwort

Mugwort or Artemisia vulgaris L, scientific name, daisy family. According to Oriental medicine, mugwort is bitter, pungent, warm, enters the spleen, liver, and kidney channels, has the effect of warming the uterus, stopping bleeding, maintaining pregnancy, dispelling cold, reducing pain, and can be used in acupuncture.

mugwort prevents fatigue, is good for the brain, helps the mind to stay awake

Mugwort can use the whole plant, except for the roots. Use fresh or dried in the shade. Mugwort has many uses such as preventing fatigue, being good for the brain, helping the mind to stay awake, lightening the head and brightening the eyes, and strengthening the health.

In addition, it also has the effect of treating acne such as: warts, warts, acne, itching, scabies, heat rash, sprain and very good for facial skin.

When menstruation is irregular, vaginal discharge, miscarriage, menorrhagia, hemoptysis, nosebleeds… can use 6-12g/day in decoction or concentrate to treat the disease.

Frequently asked questions

Gotu kola, also known as Tich Tuyet Thao or Lien Tien Thao, is used in Oriental medicine for its healing properties. When applied externally, it can treat injuries from falls, broken bones, sprains, and abscesses. Consuming gotu kola can also help cure fever, vomiting blood, nosebleeds, dysentery, and diarrhea.

Houttuynia cordata is a vegetable with a unique sour taste and a fishy smell. In Oriental medicine, it is believed to treat bronchitis, detoxify the body, cool the skin, treat acne, and enhance skin beauty. The vegetable is also rich in fiber, which aids digestion, prevents fat absorption, and promotes the elimination of toxins from the body. Consuming Houttuynia cordata juice can boost metabolism, aid in waste and toxin excretion, suppress appetite, and naturally promote weight loss.

Hairy basil, with its distinctive smell and bitter taste, has been recognized in Traditional Medicine for its various benefits. It can sterilize, cool, and detoxify the body, as well as promote blood circulation and treat flatulence and indigestion. Hairy basil is also effective in treating diarrhea and supporting the treatment of bloody stools and dysentery. The active ingredient in basil leaves, Sulfur dimethyl disulphide, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and reducing stomach lesions. Basil leaves have long been used to reduce gastroesophageal reflux symptoms and treat colitis and rectal prolapse.

Lemongrass is a versatile plant that can be used fresh or dried. Its essential oil is particularly beneficial in curing bloating, vomiting, and poor bowel movements. A decoction or steam treatment with 10-20g of lemongrass roots and leaves can help cure colds and fever. Lemongrass essential oil also repels mosquitoes and deodorizes.

Mugwort, scientifically known as Artemisia vulgaris L, belongs to the daisy family. In Oriental medicine, it is believed to warm the uterus, stop bleeding, maintain pregnancy, dispel cold, and reduce pain. Mugwort can be used to prevent fatigue, improve brain function, and promote mental alertness. It is also beneficial for skin health, treating acne, warts, itching, scabies, and improving facial skin. Mugwort is also used to regulate irregular menstruation, treat vaginal discharge, and address conditions like miscarriage, menorrhagia, hemoptysis, and nosebleeds.
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