Amazing benefits of guava leaf tea that few people know

Not only the fruit, but also the guava leaves can be used and bring many health benefits.


Watermelon is a familiar fruit that many people love. But few people know that watermelon leaves are also a type of herb that brings many health benefits.

Watermelon leaves can be used as a side dish in dishes or used to boil water for drinking. Watermelon leaf water brings many great benefits. Let’s find out.

Supports weight loss

Watermelon leaf water can support you in losing weight more effectively. Studies have shown that watermelon leaves can reduce starch intake and convert sugar in the body. You can use watermelon leaf tea, watermelon leaf juice, along with other fruit juices as a weight loss support measure. Of course, do not forget to adjust your diet and combine with exercise to keep your body healthy.


Stabilizes blood sugar

Using watermelon leaf water helps control blood sugar and insulin resistance. People with diabetes can also use this type of drink. Watermelon leaves contain substances such as avicularin, quercetin that inhibit the process of glucose absorption in the body.

Diabetes patients can use watermelon leaves as follows: Rinse watermelon leaves, dry them, and steep them in water to drink every day like tea.

Good for cardiovascular health

Watermelon leaves contain antioxidants, soluble fiber that helps control and stabilize blood pressure. It also helps limit the formation of free radicals that cause memory impairment, reduce cholesterol, reduce atherosclerosis, thereby reducing the risk of stroke and stroke.

Improves sleep quality


Watermelon leaves have a soothing effect on the nervous system, calming the mind. Regular use of watermelon leaf water will help you sleep better, fall asleep more easily.

How to boil watermelon leaf water

You can use fresh watermelon leaves or dried watermelon leaves to boil water for drinking.

With fresh watermelon leaves, each time you brew water, you only need 5-10 leaves. Rinse the watermelon leaves. Boil about 500ml of water on the stove. Add the watermelon leaves and cover the pot tightly. Simmer over low heat for about 10 minutes for the substances in the watermelon leaves to be released.

With dried watermelon leaves, use 2.5-5 grams each time. Boil about 250ml of water and add the watermelon leaves to cook for about 10 minutes.

Watermelon leaf water will have a slightly bitter, bitter taste. Drink only 1-2 cups a day after meals.

Watermelon leaf water can be used hot or cold.

Absolutely do not use watermelon leaf water instead of filtered water for drinking all day as it can lead to digestive problems.

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