Revealed: The Key to Making a Delicious & Fluffy Black Bean Pudding

Beating the summer heat just got easier with the delicious combination of soft black beans, a hint of sweetness, black grass jelly, coconut strings, and some ice cubes. Enjoy this refreshing and cooling cup of dessert today!

Black beans, also known as black peas, hắc đại beans, hương xị contain vitamins A, B, C, protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and minerals. The amount of amino acids in black beans is also very high. According to traditional medicine, black beans have cooling properties, sweet taste, detoxifying effects, kidney tonic effects, and blood tonic effects, if eaten for a long time will make the skin healthy pink.

During the hot summer days, black beans are commonly utilized in households for various culinary purposes. They are often used to prepare sweet soups, stir-fried dishes with boiling water, or cooked into refreshing and easily digestible black bean porridge. Additionally, they can be stir-fried and ground into a smooth powder, ideal for consumption as a nutritious breakfast or dinner beverage.

Like other bean sweet soups, the first secret to having a delicious pot of black bean sweet soup is to choose black beans with even seeds, thin skin, and shiny black color. When buying black beans, do not choose large seeds, pale skin color, or uneven black beans.

Creating a delectable sweet soup is not as daunting as it may seem. Simply gently cook the beans until they achieve a soft texture, then incorporate sugar and continue boiling until completely dissolved. However, to prevent the beans from turning mushy while ensuring a luscious sweetness, a special undisclosed technique is required.

To prepare the beans, begin by rinsing and washing them twice. Then, proceed to soak the beans and discard any floating ones. Next, transfer the beans to a pot and set the heat to high. Allow the beans to roast for approximately 10 minutes until the outer surface slightly wrinkles. At this stage, water can be added. This method ensures a concentrated black tea water and hastens the cooking process of the beans.

If you have a pressure cooker, take advantage of it to save time, if not, cook on the stove with medium heat. When the beans are soft, strain the water and set it aside, then pour sugar into the beans. With 1kg of beans, you need about 600g of mai flower sugar.

To prepare the beans, begin by marinating them with sugar for approximately 30 minutes. Next, place the beans on the stove over low heat and gently stir them occasionally, ensuring that the sugar is thoroughly absorbed without burning. Allow the beans to cook for approximately 15 minutes before removing the bean water. Should you desire a sweeter taste, feel free to add more water and sugar to your liking.

“During hot summer days, one can find respite in indulging in a cup of delectable black bean sweet soup. The soft, grainy texture of the soup coupled with a delicate hint of sweetness provides a truly refreshing sensation. For an added touch, garnishing the soup with a serving of black grass jelly, coconut juice, or coconut strands elevates the experience, effectively dissipating any lingering heat or discomfort.”

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