In search of the perfect hairbrush for your hair

There are countless types of combs that can help women easily style their hair. However, did you know that each type of comb has its own characteristics and requirements in order to fully unleash its potential?

“The teeth and hair are the cornerstones of a person”.
For women, that “cornerstone” is even more important and needs more care, especially the hair – the determining factor in appearance, helping to enhance strengths and hide weaknesses on your face. That’s why hair is always a top priority and “occupies” quite a bit of time and money for women.
There are countless new hair trends appearing every week, every month… This also means that the comb is also “diversified” to fit different hairstyles or different hair textures. And obviously, there are quite a few women who are still confused in choosing the most “suitable” comb for their hair as well as how to use them most effectively. So today, let’s review and see if you have found the “perfect 10” comb for yourself!
Find the perfect comb for your hair 1

1. Paddle brush
Let’s start with the most familiar comb for women every morning. This comb has a wide, flat frame with rounded bristles. Because of its gentle nature, this type of comb can be used with almost all types of hair, short, long, thick, thin… In addition, with the smooth and wide bristles, this comb also becomes a free massage table, evenly distributing the amount of oil you apply to your hair. However, due to its thickness and width, you should only use it for straight hair.

Find the perfect comb for your hair 2

2. Vent brush
This is a comb with air vents all over the frame, allowing air to circulate every time you run it through your hair. This creates a great advantage in distributing the perfect amount of heat for styling curly hair. From there, it helps the hair quickly regain its natural waves and bounce. Especially, this type of comb often has fully enclosed bristles, avoiding damage to the hair and scalp. Therefore, pay attention to observe, if the bristles start to show signs of breakage, it’s time to replace the comb.
3. Regular comb
This is a popular comb that women still use when blow-drying their hair at home to create volume for the hair. However, if the density of the bristles is too thick, it will easily create a “nightmare” of tangled hair every time you roll the hair incorrectly. Therefore, to use this comb smoothly, remember to comb your hair smoothly before curling the strands.
4. Wide-toothed comb
You can say that this comb is the most “intimate” with wet hair. Because, with a large number of wide-spaced bristles, this comb can minimize friction and minimize damage to delicate hair. Therefore, don’t forget to add this comb in the bathroom when you need to detangle your hair without causing hair loss.
5. Fine-toothed comb
This comb has small, thin bristles and the spacing between the bristles is very close together. This feature makes it a great ally for hair that needs to be smooth, such as straight hair or naturally bouncy hair. Absolutely do not use it for curly, wavy hair to avoid losing hair.
6. Styling comb
True to its name, this type of comb is the “blend” of a paddle brush and a regular comb. They have a rounded shape and semicircular bristles, making it easy to create gentle curls at the ends of the hair or create natural volume for simple Bob hair.
7. Cushion brush
The advantage of this type of comb is that the comb base is cushioned with a soft and flexible pad. Therefore, it will protect the hair to the maximum and gently when the bristles can tilt flexibly along the hair direction. However, like the paddle brush, you should use the cushion brush for straight hair with medium length or longer.
8. Mixed bristle comb
The mixed bristle comb can have many different shapes. However, they still retain the common feature that the bristles are made from synthetic fibers of different materials. Among them, the most common are rubber fibers, polymer fibers, and natural fibers. Natural fibers are the softest and best type for thin hair and children’s hair. On the other hand, rubber fibers have excellent performance when combing thick hair. Therefore, determine your hair type carefully before using this comb.
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