Teacher with 30 years of experience: Children raised by these 4 types of parents mostly succeed.

Parents are the first teachers and accompany their children throughout their long journey of development, contributing significantly to their success.


Teacher Tran (Lieutenant Ninh, China) has observed and found that students who have achieved many great successes when they grow up often share certain characteristics. They may not rank first or second in their class, but they still belong to the top 10, are active in personal development activities, and have diverse interests outside of studying.

In particular, Mr. Tran found that 90% of successful and happy children are raised by these 4 types of parents:

Parents frequently accompany their children

Currently, many parents are too busy to neglect their children and leave the responsibility of education to teachers at school. These parents believe that their task is to earn money for their children’s education, and the results of their children’s behavior, whether good or bad, smart or not, are all due to the teachers. On this point, Mr. Tran does not agree.

Throughout his 30-year career, Mr. Tran has witnessed parents in managerial positions in large provincial businesses not missing any parent meetings. Despite being busy with hundreds of thousands of tasks, that father still keeps track of his daughter’s academic performance, actively communicates with teachers if there are any issues, and constantly encourages his child regardless of exam results. After graduating from high school, this student was admitted to a prestigious university and continued to study for a master’s degree abroad.

Or a poor family in Son Tay (China), although their life is difficult, Mr. Phung is determined to earn money for his children’s education. The result is that after 20 years of living in a rented house, Mr. Phung and his wife have successfully raised 3 children, all of whom have become Masters in famous universities.

Parents value reading books

In addition to studying in textbooks, reading books is a way for children to quickly and effectively absorb knowledge from the outside world. Many parents have focused on cultivating the habit of reading books for their children from an early age.

In Mr. Tran’s class, there was a very intelligent student who also won the First Prize in the school’s poetry writing competition. The secret of the student’s parents is: “We only buy books to fill our house, and when we have free time, the whole family will read books and discuss.”

Previously, this boy used to be very mischievous and never did his homework. But when he became passionate about books, his character and habits changed significantly. Mr. Tran later heard that the boy had become a well-known writer, with many bestselling books.

Parents know how to control their own emotions

When raising children, parents need to control their emotions, avoid hurting their children when they are angry. Only when parents control their words and actions can their children grow up to be calm and have high emotional intelligence (EQ).

Mr. Tran tells a story about a parent who educated their daughter from an average student to become the top student at Peking University, the top university in China. When the girl failed the 3rd grade, her father did not blame her, but comforted himself. After that, he hugged and encouraged his daughter, saying, “Not being admitted to a prestigious high school does not mean you cannot get into a famous university. Your actual future depends on your effort and hard work in the next 3 years.”

Parents serve as good role models for their children

Many parents complain that their children play with their phones all day and do not do their homework, which leaves parents feeling helpless. In fact, a school in Hubei province (China) organized an essay writing competition, which included a question about the bad habits of adults. According to the judges, countless essays wrote that parents love to play with mobile phones, fathers read the news, mothers go shopping, and even grandparents are no exception.

Children are a reflection of their parents’ behavior. How many parents are confident enough to look back at their own habits if their children are addicted to their phones? Therefore, if parents want to educate their children, they must become good role models themselves. If parents strive to improve themselves every day, Mr. Tran affirms that their children will have a brighter future.

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