“Four Strategies to Help Your Hair Air Dry Quickly”

Are you tired of dealing with wet, uncomfortable hair after a shower? Check out these tips on how to dry your hair naturally without relying on a hair dryer!


1 Tips for drying your hair quickly

Use conditioner when washing your hair

When washing your hair, it’s recommended to use conditioner. Conditioner contains silicone which forms a thin layer on the hair, preventing water from stagnating and promoting faster drying.

Use conditioner when washing your hair

Use hair nourishing products for the ends

To speed up the drying process, apply a nourishing conditioner to the ends of your hair after shampooing and rinsing. This will soften the hair and prevent water from penetrating, resulting in faster drying.

Use nutrients for hair ends

Shake and lift your hair while washing

After washing your hair, lean your head forward and gently shake your hair while lifting the roots. This helps the water to flow down and separates the strands, allowing air to circulate and speed up drying.

Wash your hair

Use super absorbent towels

After washing, use super absorbent microfiber towels to squeeze out excess water from your hair. You can then wrap your hair in a towel or let it air dry.

Use super absorbent towels

2 Other methods for quick hair drying

Dry damp areas with a multi-purpose tissue

Before using a hair dryer, use a multi-purpose paper towel to dry damp areas like the hairline, neck, ears, and hair ends. Paper towels are more effective at absorbing moisture without causing damage like cloth towels.

Dry your hair with a multi-purpose tissue

Dry the roots first

Start drying your hair from the roots as they hold the most water. Use a soft paper towel or towel to gently dry the roots, avoiding rubbing too hard to prevent excessive dryness.

Dry the roots first

Let your hair dry in front of a cool fan

Position yourself in front of a cool fan and gently run your fingers through your hair to help it dry naturally. Using a cool fan is a safe method that won’t damage your hair.

Red hair in front of a cool fan

Consider using drying products

If you’re short on time, you can use drying products designed to speed up the drying process. These products contain polymers that generate heat, helping the water on your hair evaporate quickly.

Use a drying product

Alternatively, you can invest in reputable, high-quality hair dryers that offer deep moisturizing and effective scalp care to save time.

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