Personality and destiny of a baby born in 2024, the Year of the Wood Horse.

The baby born in the year of Giap Thin (2024) belongs to the Fire element, specifically the Lamp Fire. The Lamp Fire is a shining flame, so people born under this zodiac sign also have a clear, intelligent, and clever perspective. They symbolize intelligence, being able to perceive things in a timely manner.


The Life of Babies Born in the Year of 2024

Children born in the Year of Giap Thin have friendly and diplomatic personalities. This helps them easily make connections and relationships with others. However, they can be a little hot-tempered and may have conflicts with others at times.

In terms of career, babies born in the Year of Giap Thin will be diligent, serious, and have a long-term vision. However, female babies born in this year may have a strong personality and not accept any unfairness in life and work. Therefore, they have a high chance of succeeding in life.

Being outgoing and nature-loving, a Dragon baby can become an energetic athlete who loves swimming. They also have the qualities of a marketing professional, always socializing with friends and their community.

Weather at the time of birth will greatly influence their future life. Children born during stormy weather will face a challenging and adventurous life. On the other hand, those born on calm and peaceful days will be protected and have a lovely personality.

The Personality of Babies Born in the Year of 2024

Generally, boys born in the Year of the Dragon will be ambitious and enthusiastic. However, they can be impulsive and demanding in everything they do.

Meanwhile, girls have a feminist character, enjoying independence and fairness. With a spirit of always fighting to achieve desired goals, they will achieve great success in life.

Children born in the Year of Giap Thin are mischievous and love taking on important tasks, even if they are the youngest in the family. They often take care of and teach their younger siblings.

Dragons are not introverted individuals. They belong to the outside world, among a large crowd. Hence, they spend less time at home compared to other zodiac signs. The warmth of a Dragon’s home has a solemn and dignified atmosphere.

Which Zodiac Signs are Compatible with Babies Born in 2024?

According to the research and analysis of the Five Elements, Fire gives birth to Earth, Earth gives birth to Metal, Metal gives birth to Water, Water gives birth to Wood, and Wood gives birth to Fire. Based on this research and analysis, the compatible zodiac signs for parents who have babies born in 2024 are as follows:

Babies born in 2024 have a Fire fate (Phu Dang Hoa). Thus, they will have a good compatibility with parents who have an Earth fate.

In addition, parents with a Wood fate are also compatible if they have a baby born in the Year of Giap Thin.

The compatible zodiac signs for parents with a baby born in the Year of Giap Thin are At Ty, Binh Ngo, Mau Thin, Tan Hoi, Nham Ty, Mau Than, and Tan Mui.

The incompatible zodiac signs for parents with a baby born in the Year of Giap Thin are Dinh Mui, Ky Dau, At Mao, Ky Mui, Tan Dau, Quy Mao, and Dinh Dau.

The information is for reference only.

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