4 Lucky Feng Shui Items for 2024 to Attract Prosperity All Year Long

In Feng shui, placing these items in your home or workspace in 2024 will attract wealth and bring great success in business.


Dragon Statue

The dragon is one of the Four Holy Beasts that brings good luck. Using a dragon statue in your work helps you avoid gossip and sabotage from “small-minded people.”

In addition, the dragon is also a symbol of courage and bravery. Dragons help protect family life and effectively dispel bad luck.

When placing a dragon statue, avoid facing the bedroom. You should place it in a well-ventilated, clean area, facing a river or the sea if possible.

Pixiu Statue

Pixiu, a mythical creature, has been used in the design of ancient architecture. Although its head resembles a unicorn, it has a large and mighty body. Pixiu does not have an anus, so it is considered the best money-keeping mascot. It is also seen as a symbol of wealth and abundance.

There are two types of Pixiu: Tich Ta (commonly used to ward off evil spirits) and Thien Loc (helps protect the family and keeps wealth). When displayed as a pair, they enhance the effectiveness of dispelling bad luck during the three dangerous years and bring good luck to the owner.

You should place a Pixiu statue in clean and visible places such as the office or the living room. Do not place the statue near the toilet, facing a mirror, or in the bedroom. Absolutely do not let the Pixiu statue touch blood as it will diminish its spiritual power.

Laughing Buddha Statue

The Laughing Buddha statue is popular among Buddhist followers. The image of the Laughing Buddha with a big belly and a smiling mouth brings a sense of happiness, joy, and contentment. Furthermore, this statue directs people towards compassion and kindness.

Moreover, the Laughing Buddha statue symbolizes prosperity and is often associated with wealth symbols such as coins, gold ingots, and treasure bags. These Feng Shui objects are very suitable for people born in the Year of the Rat.

The Laughing Buddha statue is suitable to be placed in front of the main door of the living room or on the altar of the God of Wealth and the Earth God to protect and bring harmony to the family. You can also place the statue in the East of the house to minimize troubles and conflicts within the family. If you wear a Laughing Buddha pendant, you should keep it clean and take it off when bathing.

Three-Legged Toad

People also call the Three-Legged Toad the “money-swallowing toad” or the “three-legged toad.” The toad’s mouth holds a gold coin, and it carries coins with the Great Bear constellation on its back. This mascot is believed to attract wealth, ward off evil, and keep wealth for the owner.

You can place the Three-Legged Toad on the altar of the God of Wealth or the TV cabinet in the living room, decorative cabinets, or on the reception desk and work desk in companies to enhance prosperity.

The Three-Legged Toad should be placed diagonally, not directly facing the main door. The face of the toad should be directed inside to bring wealth into the house. Additionally, a statue made of natural stone is better because it gathers more earth and cosmic energy.

Information is for reference and subjective experience only.

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